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Overview about Photo Booths

photobooth seatleA photo booth is a modern vending machine usually coin operated camera and a film processor. Like any invention, photo booth has gone through many phases of development. The first photo booth prototype was made in New York City and then expanded worldwide. The first photo booth was featured in the World Fair in Paris in 1889. It was invented by a French man T. E. Enjalbert. A ferrotype picture would be produced on a thin metal sheet within 5 minutes. In 1896, Germany made its first automatic photo machine with negative and positive processes.
In 1925, in the United States a Russian immigrant Anatol Josepho built the first curtain enclosed photo booth on Broadway, New York City. Anatol Josepho opened the Photomaton Studio which had 3 photo booths and attracted thousands of tourists and people around New York. For just 25 cents a person can get 8 strips of photos within 8 minutes. In March 1927, The New York Times newspaper had headlines that Anatol Josepho had made a deal of 1 million dollars and allowed his photo booths be open nationwide by giving future royal rights. Today this deal is worth 12 million dollars. Later in 1927, these booths also opened in Europe and Canada.

Users of photo booths needed to be assisted to adjust the lenses or fix the camera. In 1968, users did not need any assistance and became easier to operate by themselves. In 1970, the use of color strips were introduced. Before that it was only in black and white. In the 1990s, Photo Me started the use of digital color photo booths which operated with a computer and developed strips even more faster.

Now, today photo booth Seattle are common and is a fun way of sharing and printing all types of memories. They are usually located in malls, parks or a crowded area.

Most photo booths now are used to develop passport size pictures. They are coin operated machines with a specific format to meet all passport photo requirements. Multiple copies can also be printed for future use.

Traditionally these photo booths are bench styled which is enough space for one or two people. There is a buzzer or light which signals when it is time to pose. Photo booths with the “wet chemistry technique” usually take several minutes to process the photos but booths with digital printing and computers it takes about thirty seconds. The classic strip is about 40 mm wide and 205 mm long in length.

In the United States there are different booths that print black and white and colored strips. However in Europe, there are only booths that print colored strips. In modern booths, instead of using film cameras, video or digital cameras are used that are operated by a computer. Some booths also produce a variety of stickers, postcards or other items with photos on them instead of just printing out strips.

Photo booth Portland rentals have become popular in the United States especially in social gatherings and parties like sweet sixteen, weddings etc. Along with printing unlimited photo strips, most rentals hire a attendant to help guests with the booth like making a memory book with the strips. This is especially common in celebrity parties.
With the rise of digital cameras and flat screen computer monitors in the early 2000s, the number of rentals has increased dramatically. There are over 200,000 searches for rentals each month. In Greater Los Angeles area alone there are more than 400 rental companies.

Overall photo booths are a fun way of making memories and they are usually small kiosks in malls, parks or marketplace. Its affordable and convenient for anyone who wants a picture in hard copy within seconds.